Adoption Services in Louisiana

There is nothing quite like the feeling of a developing baby. You get to feel the changes the baby makes as he or she grows. It is a wonderful, miraculous event, but it can sometimes be more stress and responsibility than you can manage. There are a number of reasons you may consider adoption in Louisiana. Whatever those reasons, Lifetime Adoption can help you.

Adoption Services in Louisiana helping pregnant women

Louisiana Adoption for Newborns

When you discover you are pregnant, you may know right away that you want your baby to be adopted by a loving family. You may decide over the course of your pregnancy that adoption is the best choice for you and your child. The decision is not one to be made lightly, but the sooner you decide, the sooner you can start looking for adoptive families.
Parents interested in adopting a child in Louisiana come in all shapes and sizes. Lifetime Adoption will help you to find the future parents that fill the needs you want for your child. You can search for adoptive parents on any basis that is important to you. Do you want your child to be raised by a couple with a similar ethnic background? Is a religious upbringing important to you? Is it your desire that your child be raised by a successful, single mom? We will help you find what you need.

Adoption services in Louisiana for couples

Adoption Services for Older Children

It is not uncommon for a birth parent to realize that adoption is the right choice for an older child. Lifetime Adoption can help you place your child in a stable, welcome home. We will work with you to ensure that your child or children are cared for in a way that you see fit.
Birth parents of older children often prefer open adoption in Louisiana. This is a specialty of ours! Open adoptions have been found to be best for all involved. Your children will feel the love and security from their adoptive parents while retaining a relationship with you. Should you want a less open adoption, that is possible as well. You do not have to visit the child in order to stay in touch. We can arrange phone calls, emails or a social media relationship. You may even decide to have a closed adoption. Only you know what is best.

Adoption Services in Louisiana adoptive baby

Couples and Singles Waiting to Adopt

Lifetime Adoption has been helping couples and singles with adopting a child in Louisiana and all over the country for more than 30 years. Founded in 1996 by an adoptive mother, our goal is to ensure families come together in the healthiest, happiest way possible.
Look through our list of Lifetime Babies to see the happy families that have grown together with our help. You can also search through a database of birth parents who are seeking adoptive parents in order to understand what it is they are looking for.
We ask that you complete our free, no-obligation application. This will help you to narrow down your desires with adopting a child in Louisiana. You can also call us with any questions along the way. Don’t hesitate! Your future child may be waiting.






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