Adoption Services in Delaware

Child Adoption Services in Delaware
Lifetime Adoption is one of the adoption agencies in Delaware and offers services throughout the United States, as well. We aid birth parents seeking adoption as well as prospective parents who are hoping to complete their families. Call us in Delaware at 1-800-923-6784.

Getting Started with Adoption

The adoption process can be confusing at first. Let us help you make your Delaware adoption easier and less stressful. We can answer any and all question you have, including:

  • How does adoption work?
  • What is the difference between closed and open adoption?
  • How do I meet adoptive parents?
  • What are my options?

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No matter what your question or concern is, we can answer. We will never question, pressure or judge. Best of all, you have absolutely no obligation when you call us. Even if you haven’t yet decided if adoption is the right choice, we are here for you.

Closed and Open Adoptions

Some of the terms used during adoption can be confusing. The first you might encounter are closed adoption and open adoption. Lifetime Adoption can help with both.
Open adoption is the preferred option for many birth parents. Research has found that open adoptions are better for children as well, which is why Lifetime Adoption specializes in these types of placements. Open adoption allows birth parents to continue to have a relationship with the child. The type and scope of relationship is entirely up to you. Some birth parents want to be able to visit their child. Others prefer to communicate through social media, phone calls or letters. Only you know what is best for your situation. We will ensure that your wishes are met when the adoption takes place.
A closed adoption simply means that all contact is severed between the birth parents and the child once the adoption is finalized. You may find that this is preferable to you. We can help you complete a closed adoption in Delaware or throughout the United States.
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The Process for Prospective Adoptive Parents

Lifetime Adoption agency makes adopting in Delaware as simple as possible. Start by completing our free online application. This application is a no cost, no obligation way to begin. You may also call us in Delaware at 1-800-923-6784. Regardless of your location, we can answer your questions. We also urge you to look through our online listing of birth parents. We do not share identifiable information, but these stories will inform your decision to adopt. You will learn why some parents find adoption is the best option.


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