Adoption Services in Georgia

Are you pregnant and considering adoption? Do you have a newborn or even an older child and believe adoption may be a better option for you? Call Lifetime Adoption. We are available to speak with you by phone or through online chat at any time. We can help you with your adoption questions from Georgia. Whether you live in Atlanta, Savannah or elsewhere in the state, Lifetime Adoption is here for you.

Everything You Need to Know About Adoption in Georgia

Lifetime Adoption Services in GeorgiaThe choice to adopt is not a simple one. Your journey down this road may begin with completing our free online questionnaire. This questionnaire takes only minutes to complete. It can help you to better understand what you are looking for in an adoption.

Adoption in Georgia through Lifetime Adoption allows you to choose the adoptive parents for your child. You can choose these parents based on the factors that are most important to you. Our parents come from diverse backgrounds. They have many different careers and education levels. Some are very religious while others are not. They live throughout Georgia and even elsewhere in the country. You can look through our online listing of couples now to see some of the prospective parents that are waiting to hear from you.

Open Adoptions and Closed Adoptions

Open Adoption Services in GeorgiaWe offer both open and closed adoptions. Most of our adoptions are open. These types of adoptions allow you to communicate with your baby and the adoptive family after the adoption takes place. You can communicate through phone calls, emails and even in-person visits. You may prefer to have a social media relationship or receive letters and photos a few times per year. The scope of the open adoption is up to you.

In rare instances, a closed adoption is better. If you would rather not have contact with your child after adoption, Lifetime Adoption can help facilitate that as well. Call us today to ask about the differences between closed and open adoptions.

Adopting Children in Georgia

Child Adoption Services in GeorgiaGeorgia couples who want to expand their families with adoption should consider Lifetime Adoption. We were founded more than 30 years ago by an adoptive mother, Mardie Cardwell. Mardie personally knew how much time, effort and emotion is involved in adoption. She wanted to create an agency that would unite birth parents and adoptive parents in a warm, welcoming embrace. Since that time, Lifetime Adoption has gone on to become the nation’s leading facilitator in open adoptions.

Call us today or complete our online application to begin your Georgia adoption process.

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