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Waiting parents all over the country are hoping to adopt. Many of these couples are unable to have children on their own. Some have chosen not to have biological children in order to provide a loving home to a child who needs it most. There are also single women who are ready to be mothers. Still others already have children but want to open their homes to even more smiling faces. If you find yourself pregnant and considering open adoption in Indiana, you can rest assured that Lifetime Adoption can connect you with one of these eager families.

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Choosing Adoption in Indiana

Your choice of adoption is one that is filled with love. Lifetime Adoption wants your adoption to be a happy one. Our Indiana adoption services have many contracted parents who live in the state and throughout the region. As the birth mother, you choose the parents that most closely fit what desire for your child. Many of our birth parents simply want a loving, caring home for their baby. Others want something more specific. You can choose the racial makeup of the couple, their faith, their approximate age, whether they already have children and any other factor you deem important.

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Adoption Options for the Birth Mother

We highly encourage open adoptions in Indiana. These adoptions, which allow continued contact between birth mother and child, have proven to be the most emotionally healthy for all involved. Exactly how open the adoption is depends on what you feel is best. You can also choose a closed adoption, which does not allow for future contact between you and the child.
Of course, your options do not end with the nature of the adoption. You also decide how involved the adoptive parents are during your pregnancy and the delivery. You may want them to be in the room with you when the baby is born, to cut the umbilical cord and to be among the first to hold the new baby. You can also choose to spend that time alone with your child, even signing the first official birth certificate yourself.

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Adoptive Families in Indiana

Lifetime is an adoption agency that works with families throughout the state of Indiana. Whether you are in a metro region or a rural area, we will help connect you with the child you will turn your house into a home.
You undoubtedly have questions about the Indiana adoption process. We have answers! Complete our free online application and make note of any questions you have along the way. Once you are ready, call our office at 1-800-923-6784. Our highly experienced adoption professionals will go over everything you should expect, from working with birth parents to financial expectations and more.



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