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Lifetime Adoption modern adoption services nationwide
Lifetime Adoption is a leading adoption professional in the United States, specializing in modern open adoption. We work with pregnant women and prospective adoptive parents to find the perfect fit for a baby or child. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have with absolutely no cost or obligation.

As a birth mother, think about what you’re looking for in adoptive parents and how you want your baby to be raised. You can also choose how open you want the adoption to be. You can receive and give photos, letters, or emails. You may consider occasional phone calls. You can decide upon having regular visits. The level of communication with the adoptive family is completely up to you and is decided before the adoption is completed.

Our adoptive parents come from as many different environments as the birth mothers who pick them. We have adoptive parents of all races and backgrounds. One thing our prospective parents all have in common is the strong desire to provide a good home for a child. You can rest assured that your child, no matter his or her situation, will be eligible for adoption and is greatly wanted by an adoptive family.

Whether you are a birth mother considering adoption or adoptive parents looking to build your family, let Lifetime Adoption help you. We’re not here to pressure you into making a decision that isn’t your own. We will only provide you with information and help you through the loving process of adoption.

Helping birth parents connect with families hoping to adopt is what Lifetime Adoption does best. We have aided with successful adoptions all over the United States for more than 30 years. We even have resources in Spanish, for Hispanic or Latino women looking to find families ready to adopt Hispanic babies.

Lifetime proudly serves birth mothers and adoptive parents across America. To learn more about placing a baby for adoption, please call or text anytime 1-800-923-6784.

If you are wanting to learn more about adopting a baby, please begin by completing our free application for adoptive parents.