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Lifetime Adoption is the nation’s leading adoption agency in open adoptions. If you are considering adoption and are interested in learning more about Florida adoptions or gathering more adoption information, call Lifetime Adoption today.

Our agency’s caring representatives will answer any question you may have about Florida adoptions. We can help to explain the process so you have no surprises if you decide to choose adoption.

Whether you’re an expectant mother or a potential adoptive family, we’ll be with you every step of the adoption process. This includes the initial consultation, adoption planning, and any post-adoption needs you may have as one of our birth mothers or adoptive families.

Answers for Florida Birth Parents

An unplanned pregnancy can be a scary, stressful time. You may not be sure which way to turn. Lifetime Adoption has more than 30 years of experience working with birth parents just like you. 

We can help you, as the biological parents, understand the complex process of adoption. We will introduce you to adoptive parents. We are available day and night to answer your calls.

We can provide help with maternity clothes, rent, phone, and other pregnancy-related expenses you may have.  This help with your expenses is allowed for women in Florida who are choosing adoption for their babies.  We can also provide free counseling to you.

Open Adoptions in Florida

Open adoption has been proven to be the best type of adoption for everyone involved. Open adoptions let you, the birth mother, continue to have a relationship with your child. This allows you to know your child even if from a distance. 

An open adoption also gives your child a higher self-esteem. He or she will know that their birth mother’s choice of adoption came from a place of love.

The scope of the open adoption, and the amount of future contact, is entirely up to you. Some birth mothers hope to continue to visit and talk with their babies after the adoption is complete. Others are more comfortable with some distance. You may prefer to stay in contact via phone or email.

There may be situations in which a closed adoption is better. Lifetime Adoption is happy to help with these as well. A closed adoption does not allow for future contact between birth mother and child. If this is best for you, you can make that choice.

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A Judgment-Free Zone

Lifetime Adoption does not judge you or your decisions. We know that you only want to do what is best for your baby. No matter what you have done in the past or what your plans are for the future, we will guide you with love and care.

The Choice is Yours

Your Florida adoption is unique, just like you. You can choose the adoptive parents, how much contact you have with the child after the adoption and exactly what happens during labor and delivery. You do not have to make any choices that don’t make you feel comfortable.

Answers for Prospective Adoptive Families

If you reside in the Sunshine State and are interested in completing an adoption with a Florida-based adoption agency,we’re here for you, too.

You probably have lots of questions about adoption, like how much it costs, how long the wait is, and how to stay safe during the process.

You may be wondering about adopting children from the same sibling group, or perhaps you feel a call to adopt a child with special needs.

You might be curious about support groups, community-based care agencies, adoption agencies in general, or governmental organizations, such as the Florida Department of Children & Families.

We’ll assist you with all of that and more.  In fact, we are licensed to not only provide adoption services, but also can provide Florida adoption home study services throughout the state.


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Adopting Children in Florida

Let your Florida adoption begin with Lifetime Adoption! Our agency was founded by an adoptive mother who knows just how difficult, lengthy, and emotional adoption can be.

With more than three decades of experience, we have helped numerous couples all over Florida and throughout the country adopt their children. We work with both the adoptive parents and the birth parents to ensure an excellent relationship for everyone.

Call Lifetime Adoption today to learn more about adopting in Florida. Don’t forget to complete our online application as well. It is a free, no obligation application that will speed up the process of growing your family.

And remember: If you’re interested in pursuing an adoption in the state of Florida, Lifetime Adoption also provides Home Study Services. We can assist you with affordable home study services throughout the state of Florida.

We provide this assistance to those with whom we work as well as others who may be using a different adoption professional or have already found a birth parent from whom to adopt. 

Lifetime Adoption is a fully licensed domestic adoption agency. We work nationwide with adoptive families and expectant mothers from all walks of life.

Our goal: to facilitate a loving transition during the Florida adoption process. For many years now, we have helped people just like you prepare for their own Florida adoption journeys.

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