Adoption Services in Pennsylvania

Looking into adoption in Pennsylvania can feel overwhelming. The cities of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh offer numerous alternatives for adoption. There may be so many, in fact, that you have difficulty distinguishing between legitimate adoption facilitators and places that are trying to take advantage of your hopes, dreams and fears. Let us help you. We will never try to pressure or scare you into making decisions that aren’t your own. We will only provide you with information and help you through the loving process of adoption in PA.

Birth Parents Living in Pennsylvania

Unplanned Pregnancy Adoption Services in PennsylvaniaWhether you are pregnant, a new mom or a parent of older children, adoption may be the best choice for you. Lifetime Adoption specializes in newborn adoptions, but we gladly work with children of most ages. All we want is to find a loving home for your child; one that you know will provide the future your baby deserves.
The first step to take when pursuing adopting a child in Pennsylvania, including Pittsburgh, is completing our online questionnaire. This short questionnaire does not require that you sign a contract with us. It only helps both you and our agency to better understand what it is you want out of the adoption.

The Difference Between Open and Closed Adoption

Open Adoption Services in PennsylvaniaOne of the most important factors in an adoption is the nature of the agreement. A closed adoption requires that you have no further contact with the baby after he or she is adopted. While there are some cases in which the birth mother prefers a closed adoption, and it may be better for the child, most of our adoptions are open.
Lifetime Adoption was founded on the premise that open adoptions are better for all three parties in the process of adoption in PA: the adoptive parents, the child and the birth mother. Having an ongoing relationship helps adopted children to be more secure. The birth mother is happier. The adoptive parents are able to understand their child better. It is a true win-win-win situation.

Adopting a Child in PA

Baby Adoption Services in PennsylvaniaChoosing to open your home and your heart to a child is one of the most beautiful gifts you can give. Let Lifetime Adoption help! Complete our online application for a free, no obligation glimpse into what adopting a child in PA entails. If you choose to contract with us, we will help you through all of the intricacies of adoption, including legal jargon, advice to safeguard against scams and help with understanding the payment process.
Do you have questions for us? Don’t hesitate to call. Our representatives are available at any time.

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